That all children wearing a common uniform will improve school image, develop greater pride and sense of belonging, assist in identification of students on school outings and take pressure off parents on dress choice.

The following clothing options are available

Available Hats

Appropriate footwear

Purchasing options

The school has a supply of printed hats & beanies available for purchase.

Polo shirts, hoodies & windcheaters (all with logos) can be purchased from Prestige Promotions (Julia Street, Portland) at all times. School Logos are highly recommended.

Pants, shorts, skorts & dresses are available at numerous outlets ie. Target, Kmart.

School bags are available to purchase from school.

Sun hats must be worn by children / staff for all outside activities from the start of Term 4 to the end of Term 1.

Students out of uniform are expected to have a note from their parents.

If children are regularly out of uniform the principal shall contact the parents and discuss the matter.

The school will have ‘Casual Clothes’ Days on the odd occasion throughout the year as a novelty, as will some classrooms as part of their behaviour reward system.

Allowed Jewellery

Only studs and sleepers are allowed